Paper Yarn


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Author: Uta Donat, Eva Hauck Petra Hoffman, Claudia Huboi
Pages: 128
Printed: China
ISBN: 9780312555658
Binding: Paperback with Flaps on Inside & Back Covers
Book Condition: New
Weight: 550gr.
Description from the Publisher: Paper yarn is a practical, readily available, and amazingly durable material. And as the book brilliantly demonstrates, it is also easy to work with and can be fashioned in many ways to create beautiful objects for any living space.

Using a variety of techniques from knitting and braiding to weaving and sewing, this enticing book shows crafters looking for a new twist – or any knitter, sewer or crocheter eager to experiment with a new medium how to work with this unique material.

Paper yarns are available in a wide range of types and thicknesses. They are washable, lightweight, fade-resistant and come in a wide range of colours. They can be mixed with paper strips or raffia for a soft look or combined with embroidery thread, sewing silk, or ribbon for a bold look. And when unwrapped to make flat paper strips, it’s wonderfully suited to layering an sewing.

Paper Yarn shows you how to work with this unique yarn and combine it with other materials in a variety of ways to create colourful, sculptural, and delicate projects, transforming them and the yarn into something new and exciting.

With detailed information on how to prepare the materials needed and practical step-by-step instructions for each item, you will discover just how versatile paper yarn can be.

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