Al Mu’allim – Sami Yusuf


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Artist: Sami Yusuf
Producer: Jamal Records
Weight: 89 gr.
Description: Sami Yusuf was greatly motivated to produce this album and this motivation stemmed from deep conviction that he has a duty to provide an Islamic alternative for the Muslim youth that is vibrant and enjoyable to listen to and is produced to the highest standards of composition, singing, sound production and engineering. So, perfection in every aspect was became his aim; he spent many long hours in the studio programming, singing, playing the instruments and singing the main tracks as well as harmonies and backing vocals.

Track List:
1.”Al-Mu’allim” – 5:45

2.”Who is the Loved One?” – 5:09

3.”The Cave of Hira” – 4:50

4.”Allahu” – 6:28

5.”The Creator” – 6:50

6.”Meditation” – 3:03

7.”Ya Mustafa” – 5:36

8.”Supplication” – 4:05

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