Awrad of the Tariqa Burhaniyya Dasuqiyya Shadhuliyya (CD)


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Spoken by: Murshid F. A. Ali ElSenossi Producer: Almiraj Sufi and Islamic Study Centre, Inc. Year: 2009 Weight: 120gr. Description: This CD is an audio recitation and instructions for use of the Awrad of the Tariqa and is an accompaniement to the Book of the Awrad. Track List: 1.Introduction 2. Al Fatihah 3. Al Asaas 4. Silsilat al Sagheerah 5. Silsilat al Kabeerah 6. Al Hizb al Sagheer 7. Al Hizb al Kabeer 8. Salat ul Dhaatil Muhammadiyyah 9. Salat Ibn Basheesh 10. Conclusion

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