Dreams of the Prophets and the Righteous


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Author: Abdul Mun’im Hashmi Publisher: Dar al Kotob al Ilmiyah Translated by: Rafique Abdur Rahman Year: 2009 Pages: 256 Printed: Lebanon ISBN: 978-2-7451-6150-5 Binding: HardCover Book Condition: New Weight: 412gr. Description from the publisher: Originally written in Arabic by Abdul Mun’m al Hashmi. It is like an encyclopedia of dreams, It tells us how we should behave on seeing a dream and how they may be interpreted. There are dreams of the Prophets and the Righteous men, and the dreams of the Prophet and his Companions. Some dreams of non-Muslims also find place in this book. The author also gives what various things, animals, birds and chapters of the Qur’an stand for to interpret dreams.

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