God, Soul and Universe in Science and Islam


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Author: Nawab Muhammad Yamin Khan
Publisher: Ashraf Publications
Year: 1992 Fourth Edition
Pages: 159
Printed: Pakistan
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 121gr.
Description from the publisher: This book was written to ‘drive away doubts and suspicionts from the minds of many Europeans who were feeling nervousness in accepting Islam and joining the Muslim brotherhood. The wrong ideas which they entertained about Islam, on account of mischievous writings of the enemis of AIslam and the writing of half-educated and unthinking Muslim writers were expelled from their minds . . .” This book contains chapters on the Concept of God in Some Religions, Prayers of Muslims, Unity of God, Different forms of Energy, The Soul and a final chapter on Muhammad, the Messenger of God.

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