Ibn al Arabi Great Muslim Mystic


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Author: Husaini, Moulvi S. A. Q
Publisher: Sh. Muhammad Ashraf
Year: 2005
Printed: Pakistan
Pages: 99
ISBN: 969-432-129-8
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 95gr.
Description: The author writes “One Friday, in 1928, I was asked the question “Shaykh al Akbar writes that if he had not written the Futuhat al Makiyya, he would have been set on fire. How could he have been so set on fire? This question made me highly inquisitive about the Shaykh and I took the earliest opportunity to study him.” This small volume covers the Shaykhs’ early life, his works and sayings and also includes a chapter ‘On Love and Toleration’.

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