Islamic Sufism


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Author: Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah Publisher: Tractus Books Year: 2000 Pages: 334 Printed: USA ISBN: 2-909347-07-9 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 489gr. Description: This book gives a clear and uncluttered picture of both Islam and Sufism, stating exactly what the difference between Sufism and orthodox religion is, and also presents a complete genealogy of its most important teachers and communicators from the Prophet Muhammed onwards. Its compatibility with modern philosophy and thinking is discussed without falling into a fundamentalist stance, although many modern sacred cows are given short shrift. The effect of this uncompromising book is profoundly liberating, because the self-transforming consciousness it represents is considered to be accessible to every man that walks the earth, no matter what their background or faith.

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