Knowledge of God

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Author: Shaykh al-‘Alawi Publisher: Diwan Press Year: 1981 Pages: 384 Printed: Norwich, England ISBN: 0-906512-16-6 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 415 gr. Description: A lucid and profound exposition of the gnostic science that lies at the heart of Sufism. A Guide Book to Khalwa, spiritual retreat, preparing the murid by the doctrine of the Unity for the experiences that will befall him in the self-shattering annihilation he desires (meaning — the spiritual elevation coupled with ridding oneself of his ego and living a Godly, saintly, pious, peaceful life). Shaykh al-Alawi has taken ibn al-Ashir’s verse poem, itself a summation of Islamic teachings, and made it a vehicle for making plain the unitary knowledge, the hidden doctrine, that lies beneath ever phenomenon of outer wisdom. Thus he is able to unveil from even the lowest functions of cleaning the body an exalted meaning which indicates the Oneness of his Lord. This is the original print from 1981.

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