Language of the Self


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Author: Frithjof Schuon Publisher: World Wisdom Year: 1999 Pages: 223 Printed: USA ISBN: 0-941532-26-7 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 304gr. Description from the publisher: First published in India, this is a revised translation of essays that elucidate the universal principles for which the Advaita-Vedanta is so revered, encompassing in its amplitude every legitimate spiritual modality. In the chapter, “The Meaning of Caste,” the reader is afforded an intelligent and spiritually vibrant way of understanding the archetypical roots that differentiate humankind. “The Meaning of Race” demolishes current errors and prejudices while depicting that genius which is unique to each race. “Principles and Criteria of Art” insists on the necessity of objective criteria for beauty. The shock to Western readers upon encountering this idea gives way to joy, arising from the restoration of art’s mission of transmitting the qualities of intelligence, beauty and nobility that are at once the natural and necessary dimensions of the human condition, as well as the projection of Truth and Beauty into the world of forms.

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