Lifting the Boundaries


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Author: Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak al-Jerahhi Publisher: Pir Press Year: 1988 Pages: 370
Printed: USA ISBN: 1597440388
Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 625 gr. Description: Following upon the history of Sufism presented in The Garden of Mystic Love, Gregory Blann s Lifting the Boundaries chronicles the life and teachings of one of the great Islamic spiritual teachers of modern times, Sheikh Muzaffer al-Halveti al-Jerrahi (1916-1985), who traveled frequently to America during his final years teaching the Sufi path of love to Western spiritual seekers. The text of the book is enhanced by powerful photographic images which convey the central ritual ceremony of divine remembrance, known as dhikr. This revised and expanded edition includes a postscript by Sheikha Fariha al-Jerrahi.

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