Minhaj Et Talibin – a Manual of Muhammadan Law


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Author: M. Abu Zakaria Yahya Ibn Sharif En Nawawi
Publisher: Adam Publishing
Year: 2000
Pages: 571
Printed: India
ISBN: 81-7435-198-1
Binding: Hard Cover with dust jacket
Book Condition: New, jacket crinkled
Weight: 1255gr.
Description from the publisher: The Laws of Shariah according to the school (Madhab) of Imam Shafii. This book is suitable for a Muslim whether he or she is an ordinary householder, worshipper, a spouse concerned with marriage, divorce or maintenance, or an administrator of waqf, a testator, a trader, cultivator, joint stock holder. a lawyer, a judge, employer, employee, trustee, or a student of commerce, a donor of gift, a guardian.

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