My Ummah-Music Version


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Artist: Sami Yusuf
Producer: Awakening
Year: 2005
Weight: 120gr.
Description: My Ummah is a genre transcending album with melodies and lyrics that grab you after the very first listen-through. The new album deals with – amongst other things – issues such as unity, spirituality, sisters’ struggle to wear the scarf, terrorism, human brotherhood, faith, and songs about Allah and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

With contribution from the famous Indian poet and lyricist ‘Ustadh Mehboob’ and a track featuring Danish rap group Outlandish, this album is sure to be another success God willing.
Track List:
01 My Ummah Intro 1.03
02 My Ummah 3.47
03 Hasbi Rabbi 4.47
04 Ya Rasulallah 3.58
05 Try Not to Cry 6.07
06 Muhammad (S) 4.56
07 Make a Prayer 4.36
08 Eid Song 5.09
09 Free 4.15
10 Munajat (Arabic) 4.45
11 Mother (Arabic) 4.40
12 Muhammad (S) Part II (CD Bonus) 4.44
13 We Will Never Submit (CD Bonus) 2.25
14 Dua (Turkish) 3.12
15 Mother (Turkish) 4.40