Prayers of the Last Prophet


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Artist: Yusuf Islam
Producer: Jamal /Mountain of Light Music
Year: 1998
Weight: 100gr.
Description: This extraordinary collection of prayers (duaa) presents the private appeal of the believer to Allah, structured around the phases of the day. The audio recording is narrated by Yusuf Islam, including English translation and featuring Qur’anic recitations by Shaikh al-Hussary.
Three new songs performed are also included, including “If You Ask Me,” performed by Yusuf Islam.

Track List:
Prayers Tracks 1-7 Night Tracks 8-10Dawn Tracks 11-15Day Tracks 16-30 EveningTracks 31-40
Rabbi, Ya Rahman
In Sa’altu (If you ask Me)
Salli ala Muhammad

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