Principles of Sufism


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Author: Aisha al Ba’uniyyah
Translated by: Emil Homerin
Publisher: New York University Press
Year: 2014
Pages: 200
Printed: USA
ISBN: 9780814745281
Binding: HardCover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 484gr.
Description from the publisher: The Principles of Sufism is a mystical guid book to help others on their spiritual path. Outlining the four principles of Repentance, Sincerity, Remembrance, and Love, it traces the fundamental stages and states of the spiritual novice’s transformative journey, emphasizingg the importance of embracing both human limitations and God’s limitless love. Drawing on lessons and reading from centuries old Sufi tradition, Aishah advises the seeker to repent of selfishness and turn to a sincere life of love. In addition to his lucid translation, Emil Homerin provides an insightful introduction, notes and glossary to the author’s remarkable account of the pursuit of mystical illumination.

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