Qasida al-Burda


The Celestial Lights in Praise of the Best of Creation

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Author: Imam al Busiri
Translated by Abdul Aziz Suraqah
Publisher: Abu Zahra Press
Pages: 72
Printed: Turkey
ISBN: 978-0-9928065-2-1
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 135gr.
Description from the Publisher:

Ever since its composition in the seventh Islamic century, by the poet, scholar and spiritual master Muhammad b. Said al-Busiri, al-Kawakib al-durriyya fi madh Khayr al-Bariyya (The Celestial Lights in Praise of the Best of Creation), more commonly known as theBurda, has been a mainstay of the Muslim choral tradition from East to West.

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