Sitar Secrets


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Artist: Al Gromer Khan
Producer: New Earth Records
Year: 2009
Weight: 90 gr.
Description: Sitar Secrets is yet another mesmerizing album from ambien sound architect Al Gromer Khan. At once entrancing and meditative yet seductive and passionate, the intense rythms and sounds of Sitar Secrets will completely envelop and enthrall you!
Track List:
1 I Got Vilayat Khan’s Blessing
2 Raga Ahir Bhairav Alaap
3 Raga Ahir Bhairav Gat
4 Raga Sarasvati
5 A PB’s Bombay Club
6 A Bageswari Poem
7 Tantric Song
8 Raga Tilak Kamod
9 Caru Caru

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