Stories of the Prophets Qasas al Ambiyah of Ibn Kathir


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Author: Ibn Kathir Translated by :Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa Gemiah, Office of the Grand imam Sheikh Al-Azhar

Publisher: El Nour For Publishing, Al-Mansoura, Egypt

Year: 1996 Pages: 444 Printed: Egypt Binding: Hard Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 749gr. Description from the publisher: Edited by Aelfwine Acelas Mischler

Translated by Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa Gemeiah. This classical work by the great scholar Ibn Kathir shares detailed information about the lives of the twenty-five Prophets mentioned by name in the Qur’an. Based on Islamic sources, the stories inclusively present whatever is known about these blessed individuals: the circumstances of their spreading the message, the nations where they lived, how they were treated, their unique trials and the results of their teaching. As one reads through the accounts, Allah’s reasons for sending the Prophets are unveiled. The distinct style of writing makes it easy for both adults and children to understand and makes a valuable addition to a Muslim family library

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