The Qur’an – Basic Teachings


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Author: T. B. Irving, Khurshid Ahmad, Muhammad Manazir Ahsan Publisher: Islamic Foundation Year: 1979 Pages: 278 Printed: UK ISBN: 0-86037-021-6 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 313gr. Description from the publisher: Whatever the direct and indirect influences of the Qur’an on Europe and America in the past – and they have been legion – it is distressing that today the minds and hearts of the great majority of people in the West have very little direct rapport with the Qur’an. In an age wherein the spiritual poverty of man is becoming more and more pronounced and his moral cravings are seeking new avenues of expression, contact between the Qur’an and the soul of the ordinary man and woman in the West is minimal – they are hardly even conscious of their own historical debt to the Qur’an, What lies at the root of this estrangement? Prejudice against Islam and its basic book is one factor. The dismal eras of the Crusades and of colonialism brought ignorance and prejudice in their wake and the people in the West are still living under their ominous shadows. The barrier they set up can be removed only by a more open-minded approach to the Qur’an and by giving people easier access to it. For a number of historical reasons, contact between the West and the world of Islam is increasing. This may prove a turning point in their history if their future relationship grows on a foundation of knowledge and sympathetic understanding. In this milieu bias and ignorance deserve to be seen more as a challenge to be overcome than as obstacles to be helplessly lamented.

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