The Sufi Path – #05 Journey to God, in God, with God, By God


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Publisher: A. S. Noordeen Year: 1998 Pages: 64 Printed: Malaysia Description: Aiming at the restoration of the missing spiritual ingredient in the lop-sided, imbalance, over-materialistic modern civilization by reaching union and communion with God; to end the exasperating spiritual vacuum responsible for all frustrations, anxieties, woes and internecine wars in the world Weight: 135gr. In This Issue . . . Quotations from the Holy Qur’an Moral Message of God and His Prophet Goodness to Parents Kindness to Wives Glimpses into the lives of the Holy Prophet and his Companions Heroic Deeds of Muslim Women The Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Free-Will, Predertmination and Self-revelation Hundred Letters of Sharf-ud-din Yayha al Maneri Faith and Everyday Practice in Islam

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