The Sufi Path – #06 Journey to God, in God, with God, By God


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Publisher: A. S. Noordeen
Year: 1991
Pages: 64
Printed: Malaysia
Description: Aiming at the restoration of the missing spiritual ingredient in the lop-sided, imbalance, over-materialistic modern civilization by reaching union and communion with God; to end the exasperating spiritual vacuum responsible for all frustrations, anxieties, woes and internecine wars in the world
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In This Issue . . .
Moral Message of God and His Prophet: Honesty and Justice
Stiving in the way of Allah
Muhammmad (s) recognized as a True Prophet of God by World Genius
Hazrat Abubakr and Hazrat Ali’s Love and Respect for Each Other
The Love of God
Hundre Letters
Meaning of Tasawwuf

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