The Weakening of Faith, Symptoms, Causes & Cure


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Author: Shaikh Mohammad Saleh Al-Munajjid
Publisher: Premier
Year: 1997
Pages: 87
Printed: India
ISBN: 1-888276-40-1
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 133 gr.
Description from the publisher: Weakness in the strength of faith is a widespread problem from which many Muslims suffer and complain in the present time. Such Muslims frequently declare that they feel hardness in their hearts, that their Iman has sunk to its lowest level, that they do not feel pleasure while worshipping Allah or reading the Qur’an and that they easily fall in to sins. Weak faith is a serious diesease, indeed, for it is the reason behind the many calamities, hardships and shortcomings that may befall the Muslim who suffers from it.
This book addresses the causes and the cures for those suffering from weakness in their faith. The believer should always examine the condition of his heart and search earnestly for the remedy for any disease.

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