The World of the Jinn and Devils


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Author: Ashqar, Dr. Umar
Publisher: Al-Basheer Co.
Translated by: Jamaal al Din Zarabozo
Year: 1998
Pages: 255
Printed: India
ISBN: 1-891540-02-5
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 345gr.
Description from the translator: hat is from the periphery of knowledge. They approve of humans going over this topic in the quickest of fashions and not giving it much thought. They think that the benefits that accrue from such a study are very limited. Furthermore, they believe that being ignorant of this topic is not harmful at all.
However, I am not delving into something distant. Humans today spend billions of dollars with which they could build cities or countries and end poverty in the farthest reaches the world- and, instead, they spend that money on research to discover if there is life or if life is possible on nearby planets. Scientists spend a great deal of their time and resources on such a question. What about an existence that is known to be living and thinking and that lives right here with us on our earth? They live in our houses and they eat and drink with us. In fact, they even spoil our thoughts and our hearts. These creatures drive us to destroy our own selves and to spill each others’ blood. They make us worship them or any other creature so that we will be deserving of the anger and wrath of our Lord. The Lord’s anger will come upon us and the result for those who have gone away from their Lord will be a raging fire.
No price can be put on the importance of the texts of the Quran and authentic hadith that have reached us, giving us knowledge of this of this matter.
Those texts uncover for us the secrets of that existence: the world of the jinn. They give us enough information for us to know about the details of their lives. They also tell us how deeply rooted is the enmity between that creation and man. They also tell us about the extremes and continuous actions that they go through in order to misguide and destroy us.
Following up the numerous verses of the Quran that discuss the jinn and devils should be sufficient for you as an indication showing you the importance of this matter.

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