Unity – Shaheed AlKawn


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Artist: Shaheed AlKawn
Producer: Meem Recordings
Weight: 106gr.
Description: Released December 2003, ‘Unity’ has been warmly received with much critical acclaim. Featuring a variety of musical styles all generated through voice only and utilising beat-box, this album is both unique and profound. Features the stirring ‘We Need To Heal’ and his special rendition of ‘Asma ul-Hasna’.

Style of Nasheeds : Voice only / Contemporary

Language(s) : English & Arabic

Track List:

1. Intro [0:15]

2. Unity [5:36]

3. Blood from a Rock [3:54]

4. WeNeed to Heal [6:16]

5. The Message [4:08]

6. Oneness [5:30]

7. The Beautiful Names [


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