What everyone should know about Islam and Muslims


Written by an American Muslim, this work presents a brief yet comprehensive survey of the basic teachings on the significance of Islam’s central concept, faith in and submission to God. It introduces the reader to how Muslims feel about various aspects of life, how they worship, and how Muslims living in the West practice their religion.

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Author: Suzanne Haneef
Publisher: Adam Publishers
Year: 2014
Printed: New Dehli
ISBN: 81-7435-030-6
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 308 gr.
About the Author: Suzanne Haneef, author of this best selling book and other works on Islamic subjects, has lived and traveled widely in the Muslim world. Islam, its sources and traditions, has been her object of study and inspiration since she embraced it more than thirty years ago. The present volume is the product of her search and understanding of the past three decades. “It did not take long for Islam to become my own, totally fulfilling personal way of life,” she says. “But at the same time it also became much more than that. In my earlier years, I was searching for a path of absolute certainty and conviction. When I discovered Islam, my search ended. The reminder of the journey has been exploration and discovery.”

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