Amazing Allah – Shaheed AlKawn


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Artist: Shaheed AlKawn
Producer: Meem Recordings
Weight: 107gr.
Description: Amazing Allah is a beautiful collection of nasheeds, all in praise of Almighty God. For this, his second album, Shaheed adopts a soothing, melodious style of singing interlaced with delightful harmonies. Tracks include the rousing ‘Sweet Release’ to the cautionary song ‘No More Time’ which entreats us all to remember our time on earth is but short. (Voice only).

Track List:
1. Allah Will Be there |4.10|
2. Sweet Release |1.27|

3. All Things Are One |4.08|

4. His Holy Name |4.11|

5. Looking Back |3.35|

6. My Lord is Allah |3.12|

7. Amazing Allah |4.14|

8. Wake Up |3.27|

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