Aromatherapy for Everyone


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Printed: USA
ISBN: 9781890612382
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 230gr.
Description from the Publisher: By now, almost everyone knows that essential oils can relax us, stimulate us, and even heal us. But how do you choose the essential oil that’s right for you? Aromatherapy for Everyone provides easy-to-follow information on using forty-six natural plant oils. For the beginner, the authors provide basic, sound advice to get started on this ancient and proven natural therapy. You will learn which essential oils to use, which essential oils to avoid, how to mix oils, and how to coax the oils to deliver maximum benefits. For those who have already discovered the joys of aromatherapy, this book makes a great reference on the therapeutic, aromatic, and creative uses of different essential oils. Whether you want to ease anxiety, lift depression, relieve a headache, or simply create your own unique scent, Aromatherapy for Everyone puts the world of essential oils at your fingertips.

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