Islam a Short History


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Author: Karen Armstrong Publisher: Phoenix Year: 2002 Pages: 192 Printed: UK ISBN: 978-11-84212-583-0 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 181 gr. Description from the publisher: One of the greatest world religions through the 1500 years of its existence, Islam has also been by far the most misunderstood. The Western world has undergone a complete revolution of thought in recent centuries, but its mistrust of Islam ist still essentially medieval. Seven centuries on from the last Crusade, the Holy Places Islam occupies are oil wells; once the ‘Scourge of God’, its forces are now an affront to secular liberalism. The ‘fundamentalistic fanatic’, the oppressor of women; the ruthless terrorist; the tyrant: these are the stereotypes of the new-look Islamic infidel. This book cuts through the cliche to reveal a faith which has inspired as many scholars, mystics and poets as soldiers. Islam, the author makes clear, has not only been one of the world’s most important and inspiring religions but the basis for one of its most illustrious civilizations.

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