Islamic Life and Thought


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Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Publisher: SUNY
Year: 1981
Pages: 232
Printed: USA
ISBN: 0-87395-491-2
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: Slightly Aged
Weight: 324 gr.
Description: This book includes essays dealing with many of the major facets of Islam and Islamic civilization including law and society, the cultural and intellectual life of Islam embracing both the sciences and philosophy, and Sufism. The author brings a lifetime of research and deliberation to bear on the subjects at hand which he treats in great depth, threby providing many windows into the vast mansion of Islamic life and thought. In a postscript he also deals briefly with Islamic responses to some of the burning issues facing Muslims today. Altogether the book is a profound study of the basic aspects of Islamic life and thought as seen from within the Islamic tradition.

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