Knowledge and the Sacred


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Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Publisher: Suhail Academy
Year: 1988
Pages: 341
Printed: Pakistan
Binding: Hard Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 535gr.
Description: Modern man’s reduction of knowledge to what conforms to logic and to reason is contrasted, both with the medieval distinction between ration and the higher plane of intellectus and with related concepts in the traditions of Christianity and Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.
But since the West, he believes, has allowed its springs of Sacred Knowledge to dry up. It is to the traditions of the Orient that Western man must turn, and is turning, for enlightenment.
Table of Contents

1. Knowledge and Its Desacralization

2. What Is Tradition?

3. The Rediscovery of the Sacred: The Revival of Tradition

4. Scientia Sacra

5. Man, Pontifical and Promethean

6. The Cosmos as Theophany

7. Eternity and the Temporal Order

8. Traditional Art as Fountain of Knowledge and Grace

9. Principial Knowledge and the Multiplicity of Sacred Forms

10. Knowledge of the Sacred as Deliverance


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