Light on the Ancient Worlds


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Author: Frithjof Schuon Publisher: World Wisdom Year: 2006 Pages: 168 Printed: Canada ISBN: 0-941532-72-0 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 254gr. Description from the publisher: Light on the Ancient Worlds is the first in a new series of Frithjof Schuon’s classical works which have been extensively revised and updated.

With adamantine clarity of expression and a vision which sees through the eye of the heart, these essays examine the spiritual patrimony of humanity. This wisdom transcends changing schools of thought, and may best be characterized by what has come to be known in the West as the Perennial Philosophy. Schuon casts a light on mankind’s ancient heritages and transmitted wisdom through his impressive and precise handling of complex theological and metaphysical problems.

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