Lindt Excellence – The best ever recipes


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Author: Isabelle Jeuge-Maynart and Ghislaine Stora
Publisher: Aurum Press Ltd
Year: 2015
Pages: 56
Printed: UK
ISBN: 9781909342958
Binding: Hard Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 203gr.
Description from the publisher: Lindt is famous around the world for the quality of its chocolate. In this little book Lindt’s Maitres Chocolatiers come to you with 26 of their best recipes to share the secrets and tips of cooking with chocolate with amazing results. Whether you are looking for a quick dessert or to venture into a more elaborate project, this book has everything you need to put together a fantastic dessert. Cakes, pizzas, creme brulee, hot chocolate – from the classic to the unexpected, there are plenty of ideas in here for you to play around in the kitchen. With easy to follow instructions, each recipe is accompanied by beautiful photography. In addition to its delicious content, the shape of the book – designed in the shape of a Lindt chocolate bar – makes it a fun addition to any collection of recipe books. Lindt Chocolate Bar is an ideal giftbook that no chocolate lover will be able to resist.

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