Man After Death


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Author: Mohammed Ali Hassan al Hilly
Publisher: Dar al Kotob al Ilmiyah
Year: 2007
Pages: 247
Printed: Lebanon
ISBN: 978-2-7451-5324-1
Binding: Hard Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 394gr.
Description from the publisher: Man after Death, a book by Mohammed Ali Hassan AI¬Hilly, about the next world of souls, Doomsday, the Last Judgment, Comparative Religion, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Quran, Bible, Hebrew Bible, Gospel,- Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Souls, Spirits, Angels, Devils, Genies, Demons, Satan, Ether, Gabriel, Paradise, Hell, Kingdom of Heavens.
Read about the man who visited the ‘next world of sou Is, stayed there for one hour among souls, then returned again to the World: to tell us about his observations there.
The spiritual night-journey of Prophet Mohammed from the Inviolable Mosque ,at Mecca to the Aqsa Mosque at , Jerusalem, and his ascensio’n to heaven together with Gabriel.
How Jesus Christ was released from prison by Pilate; he was seen by the disciples, then he went to Syria, and stayed there on the Rabwa hill in the Salihiya near Damascus, for some period together with his mother, then he died, and his soul went up to heaven in the neighborhood of his Lord (like the other prophets).

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