Removal of Distress Through the Mention of the Names of the Noble Masters


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Author:Imam Ja’far al-Barzanji
Printed: Turkey
ISBN: 978-09563109-1
Binding: Hard Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 237
Description: “Removal of Distress through the Mention of the Names of the Noble Masters: the People of Badr and the Martyrs of Uhud” is the first English translation of a unique supplicatory poem known in Arabic as Jaliyat al-Kadr bi dhikr asma’ Ahl al-Badr wa Shuhada’ Uhud al-Sadat al-Ghurar. In it, Allah most High is beseeched for deliverance through the Prophet ﷺ and his erstwhile companions who fought alongside him in the battles of Badr and Uhud. This edition features the complete Arabic text edited by the late Sayyid Muhammad b. ‘Alawi al-Maliki that has been rendered in beautiful digital calligraphy. The facing English translation is by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Fredericks of Glasgow (UK). The translation was redacted by Shaykh Amjad Mahmood of Birmingham (UK) using the commentary by Shaykh ‘Abdul Hādi Najā al-Abyārī (d. 1888) entitled: “al-‘Arā’is al-Wādiha al-Gharar fī Sharh al-Manzūma al-Badriyya”. As a bonus, the powerful Badr Khutbah of the contemporary sage Habib ‘Umar b. Hafiz is appended (Arabic source and English translation) together with a never-released-to-the-public calligraphy piece by the Turkish calligrapher Ali Hüsrevoğlu that tells the story of the Battle of Badr. The book is closed with a late 18th century lai to the Battle of Badr by Amherst D. Tyssen. A It is a supplication intended not just for the day of Badr or the day of Uhud but for all times and places.

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