Studies in Freemasonry & the Compagnonnage


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Author: Rene Guenon Publisher: Sophia Perennis Year: 2004 Pages: 256 Printed: USA ISBN: 0-900588-88-8 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 412gr. Description: In the author’s search for an operative initiatic path in the Western world, he explored many groups-occult, neo-Gnostic, Theosophical-claiming to be initiatory, ultimately rejecting them all, with the single exception of the Craft. His relation to Freemasonry, however, was far from simple; mostly before World War I, for example, he contributed articles to both Masonic and anti-Masonic publications, though he continued to review books on Masonry and refer to Masonic lore in his own works until the end of his life. Recognizing that the symbolism and ritual employed by Masonry was for the most part both traditional and esoteric, he labored to discover, define, or create a Freemasonic initiation that would be compatible with Catholic Christianity, as it supposedly was when the Masonic guilds designed and built the great cathedrals of Europe. However, the thick overgrowth of pseudo-esoterism obscuring that ‘original’ Freemasonry, not to mention the various rationalist, anti-clerical, illuminist, and even revolutionary strands to be found within the Masonic tradition, ultimately forced him to abandon his project.

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