Submit – Shaeed Alkawn


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Artist: Shaheed AlKawn
Producer: Meem
Weight: 109gr.
Description: Submit! sees Shaheed re-visit his beat-box style with an album of contemporary, hard-hitting rap nasheeds. Listening to the tracks you’d think there was more than just one voice producing all those sounds, but you’d be mistaken for its all Shaheed! Includes the simple yet infectious song ‘Nineteen’ which takes it’s name from Ch.74, v. 30 of the Holy Qur’an.

Style of Nasheeds : Voice only / Rap

Language(s) : English

Track List:

1. Submit [4:25]

2. No More Prophets [4:57]

3. Dunya [4:13]

4. Allah’s Favours [4:19]

5. His Call [6:35]

6. The Day Of Judgement [4:26]

7. Nineteen [5:01]

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