The Treasure – Issue 11


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Publisher: Almiraj Sufi and Islamic Study Centre
Year: April, 2002
Pages: 32
Printed: Australia
Weight: 100gr.
In This Issue . . .
A Message from Murshid F. A. Ali ElSenossi
When the Evil Become Good, And the Good Become Evil.
From the papers of the Almiraj Sufi and Islamic Study Centre

Making A Virtue Of Vice By Frank Furedi
The Seven Deadly Sins in the Light of the Symbolism of Number By Martin Lings
The Real Deadly Sin – No Rahma (Mercy)
From the letters of Imam Al Ghazali
The Concept of God in Islam
By Hasan abdu’l-Hakim (Gai Eaton)
The Seven Valleys
By Imam Ghazali
A Distinguished Muslim Pioneer – Mahomed Allum Khan of South Australia
Origins of the Enneagram
Almiraj Sufi Books – Some CDs from the Fes Festival of Sacred Music in Morocco

The views expressed in articles contained within this magazine are not necessarily those held by the editors and publishers of the Treasure Magazine.

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Treasure 11

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