The Treasure – Issue #18


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Publisher: Almiraj Sufi and Islamic Study Centre
Year: July, 2006
Pages: 40
Printed: Australia
Weight: 120gr.
In This Issue . . .
Then and Now – A brief history of Almiraj Sufi and Islamic Study Centre, Inc.
Knowledge and its Counterfeits
The Real steps to reach the Real
Why do we need metaphysics?
Children’s Letters to God
Azaan – The Call to Prayer
Islam in Australia
The Work of the Shaykh al Akbar, Muhyi Din Ibn Arabi
The spirit and the son of the spirit – a reading of Jesus according to Ibn ‘Arabi
Centre News and Upcoming Events
The Phoenix Bird
Muslim Contribution to Science
Letter from the Editor
Almiraj Sufi Books
The views expressed in articles contained within this magazine are not necessarily those held by the editors and publishers of the Treasure Magazine.

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