Avicenna on Treating Swellings and Pimples


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Author: Laleh Bakhtiar
Publisher: Kazi
Year: 2013
Pages: 96
Printed: USA
ISBN: 978-1567448405
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 137gr.
Description from the publisher: Avicenna prescribes the drugs that are healing or harmful in treating inflammations and pimples. The list of just some of the properties of healing or harmful drugs appears on the front cover: Causing cancer; Plague prevention; Treating: abscesses (carbuncle); acne; blisters; cancer; chronic skin disease (favus); eczema; flatulence; herpes; hives (urticaria); hot swellings; inflammation of nerve(s) (neuritis); inflammation of the breast (mastitis); inflammation of the kidneys (nephritis); inflammation of the mouth (stomatitis); inflammation of the muscles (myositis); inflammation of the penis (penitis); inflammation of the soft connective tissue (phlegmona); inflammation of the spleen (splenitis); inflammation of the testis (orchitis); inflammation of the urinary bladder (cystitis); inflammation of the uterus (uteritis); internal abscesses; intestinal hernia (enterocele); prickly heat; rashes (miliaria ruba); salivary gland infection (parotitis); swellings (odema); swellings filled with gas (physocele); swellings in the fluid sack in the scrotum (hydrocele); swellings and inflammation of the liver (hepatitis); swellings of the anus; swellings of the groin; swelling of wounds; tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands (scrofula); underarm swellings

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