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Author: Dr. Munir Ahmad Mughal
Publisher: Adam Publishers

Year: 1994
Pages: 184
Printed: India

Binding: Hard Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 331 gr.
Description from the introduction: A driving force needs direction, needs orientation, for roads to annihilation are as numerous:as those which have a destination. The philosophy of this freedom, that has been bestowed upon man, has been- beautifully stated by Shah Waliullah, in the following.p.assage fro,m the Hujjat Allah-al- Baligha:
“Everyman is provided with facilities to gain what he strives for. He will never be forced unwillingly into any way. If he chooses the spiritual path, aids are provided from the unseen world, to help him reach the highest point of spirituality. If he prefers. to exercise his animal potential, there too he will find no direct obstruction placed in his way. But the Holy Koran says’for him who obeys Our Commandments and seeks Our pleasure, gives of his substance, observes restraints, believes in Our fair promises, for him We will surely arrange an easy accommodated-path .. But he who is mean-minded. who rejects Our promises, for him We shall surely provide a difficult road’. ”
The driving force of knowledge urges towards the taking of new steps; and these will be easy assisted steps . the end to be to improve oneself, and then to improve others in one’s house or community, in the way of Allah. So a two-fold progress is assured; that is, personal and communal well-being in this world, and bliss in the nex t. Bu t the way of the perverse man is trackless and crime-in fested and if he stubbomly refuses to retrace his footsteps, the difficulties will mount until he is faced with perdition, perhaps even in this world, but certainly in the next.

In this book, Mr. Munir Ahmad Mughal presents a complete collection of the direct Commandments to humanity contained in the Holy Koran. The value of such a collection in the times in which we live cannot be overestimated. Particularly to one acquainted with English. language, knowledge comes pouring in from all quarters of the globe through the mass media’ of communication, through books, magazines, the radio and now television, and it has become of supreme importance that it should be tested against the standards that are provided in Holy Scripture before it is accepted and becomes an active element of his being. In the presentation of each piece of information or thought, coming from Western sources, there is an eleinen t of slaesmanship, an art which their necessties have obliged the people of the West to cultivate to a high pitch. It is presented in persuasive and alluring forms, always with a touch of taste and higher purpose, although the appeal most frequently is to the lower nature, and even the’right-mihded require an effort o the will to, reject such knowledge. The process of rejection within the mind of the subject is likely to be effective only if the Commandments of the Almighty are already permanently established there, to govern his judgement and guide his footsteps in all things.
Diligent study of Mr. Munir Ahmad Mughal’s book and frequent use of it for purposes of reference cannot fail to ensure ‘for the reader access to the ,’easy accommodated path’ of personal and communal improvement, and safety from the pitfalls of the ‘difficult road’ that is destined for the perverse in mind.

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