Modern Man at the Crossroads


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Author: John Herlihy
Publisher: Suhail Academy
Year: 2005
Pages: 237
Printed: Pakistan
ISBN: 969-519-094-4
Binding: Hard Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 453gr.
Description from the publisher: IT HAS BECOME increasingly clear to many “modern” individuals today that the paradigm of knowledge that is set forth by modern science as the prevailing world view, while it bedazzles us with its intricacy, its precision, and its technological edge, has led to a crisis of identity and fails on fundamental levels to answer the perennial questions that lie at the heart of man’s being
In the present work, the author surveys the traditional knowledge of the religions and the findings of modern science in the light of the two prevailing questions of our time, namely the Origin of Life/Man and the _true nature of the Reality and Final End. Part One, The Search for Knowledge, is concerned with the meaning of the modern scientific outlook in terms of its identity, purpose, and significance as a global paradigm of knowledge. Part Two The Search for Origippys, is concerned with the origin of life generally and the origin of the human species in particular, in order to better understand the exact positions of both science and religion concerning how organic life and humankind have originated. Part Three, The Search for Synthesis, focuses on the traditional perspective and the search for a more profound meaning that could be realized through a more effective interaction between religion and science, resulting in an “encounter” that could be beneficial rather than antagonistic.
This work explores the unspoken and hidden assumptions that define every aspect of modern scientific knowledge and shape every facet of the modern world, assumptions that amount to a kind of secular “faith” that the scientific elite rely on to bridge the gap that exists between proven facts and unprovable mysteries. The search for an understanding of the truth and for a universal synthesis of knowledge must reach beyond the edge of a strictly provable and “scientific” knowledge. This search must also express a willingness to cross unknown frontiers and expand inner horizons in order to come to terms with the essential knowledge of God that lies within the human heart as well as the heart of the universe. This book is indeed an exploratory effort in that direction.

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