Rulings concerning the Two Eids


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Author: Shaykh Abul Haarith ‘Alee Hasan ‘Alee ‘Abdul Hameed
Publisher: Premier Publishing
Year: 1997
Pages: 82
Printed: India

Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 124gr.
Description from the publisher: The Muslims were given two festivals in the year in which they can strengthen their ties of friendship and family. Eid al Fitr follows the worship of Ramadan, at which time their souls are pure and sincere towards righteous actions. Likewise they have been given Eid ul Adha at which time the servants of Allah are in the safe sactuary of Allah and in the pure land from which the Prophetic Lamp emanated and on which the light of happiness arose. The servants at this point in time being sincere worshippers desiring only actions that bring them closer to Allah.
Due to all of this, I felt the need to write a separate treatise about the two Eids and the rules and regulations connected to them. This is despite the tribulations and calamitites which the Muslims are suffering from. Since this is only due to their distancing themselves from the pure fountain and guiding path which Allah, the One free from all defects and the Most High, has explained in His Book and His Messenger clarified in his actions and life.

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