The Prophetic Morals


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Author: El-Khawly, Mohammed Abdel Aziz
Publisher: Dar el Fikr
Year: 1995
Pages: 414
Printed: Lebanon

Binding: HardCover
Book Condition: New, slightly aged page edges
Weight: 685gr.
Description from the introduction: In the name of Allah the Most Graceful the Most Merciful
Praise be to Allah who sent among the illiterate a messenger reciting to them the Divine verses, purifiying their soul, teaching them the tenets of the Book and the wisdom, guiding them to Macca, and making them to realize the places of the Pilgrimage. Allah had sent him after a period during which no prophet appears fulfilling the people’s need. Hence, He awakened the reasons from their torpor, He extricated the roots of error and exposed to sight a vision that represents the silent features of the universe. He delighted the ears with the Divine verses, gladdened people with his profound wisdom, overfilled the hearts with his influential exhortations. Thereupon, he was a source of boon, and incentive of enlightment and a sun of guidance whose beams illuminated the means of virtues and guided the Moslems to the plans of the successful deeds. Hence, the Moslems became with guidance a nation, and they built a government, based on his morals. Hence, this nation constituted a momentous state in the previous epochs, as we hope it would be in the coming days so the prayers and the salutations of Allah be upon him, His mercy and blessings be upon him, upon his virtuous family, and staunched Companions, and whoever treads their traces, and follows their pattern ..
To proceed, that the Holy Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) was endowed with wise morals with, which Allah (the Exalted) had sent down to him of the verses of the Holy Book. Thus, his was the best in form and his enlightment was fundamental. Hence, the revealed verses were issued by him, the eternal wisdoms and highly decent expressions that are a paroxysm of magnificence highly important and ofa laudable effect in educating and amending the souls, reconditioning and refining the characters.

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