Al-La Madhhabiyya


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Why Abandoning the Schools of Lawis the Most Dangerous Innovation Threatening the Sacred Law

Author: Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al Buti
Publisher: Sunni Publications
Year: 2017
Pages: 154
Printed: Netherlands
ISBN: 9789079294244
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 220 gr.
Description from the publisher: In the last century, a movement has appeared calling for the abandonment of the traditional schools of law [madhahib]. This misleading call, which scholars have termed ‘al-la madhhabiyya,’ was presented as ‘following the Qurʾan and Sunna’ and caused much confusion amongst ordinary Muslims. One of the sources for the spread of this innovation was a book written by Muhammad Sultan al-Maʿsumi al-Khajnadi al-Makki, which was translated and distributed to English and published as as ‘Should a Muslim Follow a Particular Madhhab?’ and ‘The Blind Following of Madhhabs’.

It was in response to this book, taught and revered by prominent opponents of the schools of law, that Shaykh al-Buti first wrote his ground breaking work. Later editions of this work, the translation of which we have before us, included the aftermath of various debates Shaykh al-Buti was subsequently challenged to by his opponents and also incorporated counter-replies to the likes of Shaykh Nasir al-Din al-Albani, Muhammad ʿId ʿAbbasi, Mahmud Mahdi al-Istanbuli, and Khayr al-Din Wanli.

This book is a decisive refutation of those who call to the misguidance of abandoning the schools of law, for it is the most dangerous innovation threatening the Sacred Law.

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