Awrad of the Tariqa Burhaniyya-Dasuqiyya-Shadhuliyya-Hard Cover-Arabic


Beautifully presented 2022 Arabic edition with full colour graphics.

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Author: Shaykh Muhammad Uthman Abd al Burhany
Presented by: Murshid F. A. Ali ElSenossi
Publisher: Almiraj Sufi and Islamic Study Centre
Year: 2022
Pages: 130
Binding: Hard Cover
Book Condition: New
Dimensions:: 210mm x 160mm
Weight: 350gr.
Description from the publisher: All praise belongs to Allah, the One through whom success can be attained and endless salutations upon the seal of Prophethood and Messagehood and never-ending gratitude to the Beloved Allah for the grace and baraka to make available to all the spiritual children of our Shaykh and Imam Muhammad ‘Uthmaan ‘Abd al Burhany (may Allah sanctify his secret), this new presentation of the Awrad of the Tariqa Burhaniyya-Dasuqiyyah-Shadhuliyya.

Contained within this Awrad are the means to travel the Oceans of Unity and reach illumination. What is in this Awrad? The Holy Qur’an, Allah, His Names, His Attributes and His Actions; and an abundance of salutations upon the Beloved of Allah, Muhammad Ahmad al Mustapha, the final Prophet and Messenger of Allah to all creations. He is the one who said “The best that I and all the Prophets before me have brought is “La ilaha il Allah”, There is no gods, only Allah.

This beautifully presented volume of the full Arabic Awrad has been published in 2022 with full colour graphics and golden illumination on the front and back covers.



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Awrad Burhaniyya-Dasuqiyya-Shadhuliyya

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