How to Pray


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Publisher: Al-Attique Publishers
Year: 2007
Pages: 64
Printed: Canada
ISBN: 1-894264-48-7
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 84gr.
Description from the publisher: Prayer is the second but practically the most important Pillar of Islam. One should pray as the Holy Prophet prayed. This booklet is a simple and illustrated guide to teach Muslims how to perform prayer properly. In full colour pages.
Table of Contents:
The Guide Book of Prayer
Preparation for prayer
Wudu or Ritual Ablution
How to Perform Ablution
Things which invalidate Ablution
Tayammum or Dry Ablution
How to perform Tayammum
Prayer in Congregation
Adhan (Call to Prayer)
Number of Rak’ah in Obligatory Prayers
How Prayer is Performed
Sujud As Sahw (Prostratation of Forgetfulness)
After the Prayer
Sunnah Prayers
Friday Prayer
Preparation for Friday Prayer
How Friday Prayer is performed
Eid Prayer
Funeral Prayer
How to perform the Funeral Prayer

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