Islam, Faith and Practice


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Author: Mahmoud M. Ayoub
Publisher: Suhail Academy
Year: 2001
Pages: 223
Printed: Pakistan
ISBN: 969-519-027-8
Binding: Hard Cover
Book Condition: New
Weight: 433gr.
Description from the publisher: The Qur’an presents Islam not simply as a religion but as the framework within which Allah created the universe. For creation. islam (submission) is a matter of instinct or nature. The sun in its rising and setting is muslim to Allah. It follows what modern science calls ‘laws of nature’: but these laws of-nature, from an Islamic point of view, are not the laws of nature but the laws of Allah for nature. So it is with the seas that do not overstep their bounds, with the mountains that stay in place, with the trees and with the rivers, with the moon and with the starts all these creatures of-Allah are muslim to Him by nature. The angels are muslim 111 a more active way. III that they arc beings who scrvc Allah. They are Ills emissaries to the rest of His creation. The angels stand before Allah, praising and magnifying Him without ceasing. They cannot, in tact. he anything but muslim. The Qur’an calls them ‘noble servants Who do not precede Allah in speech. but rather follows Ills command (21:26-27).’ There are also created beings which arc muslim to Allah by instinct. These arc animals. which arc horn with the instinct of protecting their young. 01′ doing things they have to do. In this way they obey the divine order and arc thus muslim to Allah.

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