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  • The Holy Qur’an-Arabic Text, English Translation and Commentary


    ‘The English shall be, not mere substitute of one word for another, but the best expression I can give to the fullest meaning which I can understand from the Arabic text. The rhythm, music, and exalted tone of the original should be reflected in the English interpretation. It may be but a faint reflection, but such beauty and power as my pen commands shall be brought to it’s service’ (Abdullah Yusuf Ali).

  • Holy Qur’an – Uthmaani Script(medium)


    Publisher: al Iman al Alameya Books Year: 2009 Pages: 254 Dimensions:25cm x 17cmw Binding: HardCover Book Condition: New Weight: 954gr. Description from the publisher: Cover comes in Black/green/gold and Blue/red

  • Holy Qur’an – Uthmaani Script (large)


    Publisher: Maktabet al Iman Year: 2004 Pages: 254 Dimensions:25cmx18cm w Binding: HardCover Book Condition: New Weight: 1,194gr. Description from the publisher:

  • Tafseer wa bayyan ul mufradat al Qur’an


    Publisher: Mussasat al Iman Pages: 627 Printed: Lebanon Binding: Hard Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 950gr. Description from the publisher: (Mushaf tajweed). This beautiful volume has a dark green cover with a choice of embossing colour. Shown is burgundy, silver and gold. Also available in grey, pink and gold and black, silver, and gold. Please…

  • Qur’an al Kareem – Arabic

    Publisher: Qur’an Complex Printed: Saudi Arabia Binding: Hard Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 1,044gr. Description from the publisher: Arabic with notes.

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