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  • Colour of Maroc-A Celebration of Food and Life


    Author: Rob and Sophia Palmer Publisher: Murdoch Books Year: 2013 Pages: 288 Printed: China ISBN: 9781743360712 Binding: Cloth covered Hard Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 1,643gr. Description from the publisher: For Rob, Colour of Maroc is a sketch of colour and light that captures a cultural awakening in a rich and contrasting land far from…

  • Bedouin and Nomads


    People of the Arabian Desert Author: Etienne Dehau Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd; 1St Edition edition (2007) Pages: 208 Printed: France ISBN: 978-0500543344 Binding: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket Book Condition: New Weight: 1.8kg. Description from the Publisher: The deserts of Arabia stretch from Jordan to Yemen: Wadi Rum, the Nefud, Ad-Dahna and Rub al…

  • Boiling Billys Camping guide to Australia


    Newly updated, this second edition of the bestselling Boiling Billy’s Camping Guide to Australia is the complete guide to over 3,000 bush camping areas, over half of them free. This is your ideal guide to Australia’s national parks, state forests, conservation parks, the outback and more.

  • Philips Atlas Of the World


    Large 37 x 29cm size | Look at the world in detail! This new edition includes the highly topical ‘The Future of the Oceans and Seas’ feature, which provides an overview and examines some of the major issues affecting the world’s oceans today.

    The richly informative ‘World Geography’ section comprises 42 pages of maps, charts, diagrams and text explaining key world themes such as climate change, geology, trade, agriculture, industry and population.

    Also included are urban-area and city-centre maps for 70 of the world’s largest and most economically important cities, including all major capitals, with locator maps to indicate each city’s position in its global context.

  • Make Trax Australia Atlas 4WD + Outback + Country + State + Travel


    Spiral Ringed Book.This brand new edition of Make Trax Australia Atlas features highly detailed maps for the whole of Australia. The maps contained here are at 1:950,000 giving the highest level of detail of any atlas for the outback regions of Australia.

  • Nigeria – the essential guide to customs and culture


    A guide to the customs and culture of Nigeria, providing information on the country’s land and people, values and attitudes, customs and traditions, lifestyles, friendships sports and recreation, travel, health, business etiquette, and communication.

  • Egypt – the essential guide to customs and culture


    This revised and updated edition of “Culture Smart! Egypt“ reveals a country in the throes of change. The largely secular revolution that started in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in January 2011 became the flagship of the Arab Spring revolts. The uprising resulted in a political effervescence, with new parties, movements, and groups all jostling for space in the new political landscape. But the situation remains fluid. Free elections produced a parliament dominated by Islamists and the country’s political and social identity has yet to be defined. Egypt’s heady spirit of change is both rooted in and challenged by traditional and deeply conservative values. The timeless Egypt that has inspired conquerors, academics, and artists for millennia is home to 82 million people who call it ”Omm Eddunia,“ Mother of the World. It is the people who are Egypt’s true wealth. They are friendly, cheerful, proud, and renowned for their sense of humor. In bringing the narrative up to date, this new edition of ”Culture Smart! Egypt” explores the codes and paradoxes of Egyptian life. It outlines the country’s history and shows the forces that have shaped its sensibility. It explains values and attitudes, and guides you through local customs and traditions. It opens a window into the private lives of Egyptians, how they behave at home, and how they interact with foreign visitors. It offers practical advice, from how to make friends to avoiding faux pas. It sets out to make your encounter as rich as possible by taking you beyond the clichEs to the real people.

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