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  • Hafiz: The Scent of Light (Poetry and Music) Special Purchase


    Artist: Daniel Ladinsky and Stevin McNamara Producer: Sounds True Year: 2002 Weight: 107gr. Description from the publisher: In modern-day Persia, the 14th-century poet Hafiz remains the most treasured voice of his homeland—a place where his work outsells Rumi, and even the Koran. Yet only recently have Westerners come to know this wild Sufi mystic’s astonishing…

  • Open Secret – (CD) Versions of Rumi


    Artist: Read by Coleman Barks and Dorothy Fadiman Producer: Maypop Books /Disher Music and Sound Weight: 38gr. Description: Coleman and Dorothy Fadiman read selections from Open Secret and We are Three, accompanied by Jan Keene (flute) and Shams Kairys (gypsy violin).

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