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  • Australian Gardening Calendar


    Author: Penguin Books Publisher: Penguin Books Pages: 208 Printed: Australia ISBN: 9780143002468 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 150gr. Description from the Publisher: The Australian Gardening Calendar is set to become your favourite garden tool. Whether you own a few pots, a vegie patch or a grand garden, it’s just what you need: an…

  • Compost Everything : The Good Guide to Extreme Composting


    Author: David the Good Publisher: Good Books Pages: 154 ISBN: 9781955289030 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 170gr. Description from the Publisher: Composting is so simple anyone can do it. Nature does it all the time! Don’t get caught up in big lists of dos and don’ts – rediscover the joy of compost in…

  • How do Worms Work?


    A Gardener’s Collection of Curious Questions and Astonishing Answers Author: Gary Barter Publisher: Hachette Australia Year: 2017 Pages: 224 Printed: China ISBN: 9780733638886 Binding: Hard Cover Book Condition: New Weight: gr. Description from the publisher: Ever wondered how worms breathe? Or why exactly trees are so big? This book covers all aspects of gardens and…

  • The Permaculture Home Garden


    Author: Linda Woodrow Publisher: Penguin Year: 2007 Pages: 183 Printed: China ISBN: 9780670865994 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 333gr. Description from the publisher: Inspired by her own training in permaculture, Linda Woodrow has devised a totally integrated organic system of gardening that combines science with common sense. In The Permaculture Home Garden she…

  • Wit and Wisdom from the Garden


    Author: Emily Mills Publisher: Cider Mill Press Pages: 192 Printed: China ISBN: 9781604337167 Binding: Hard Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 630gr. Description from the Publisher: Pick up the trowel and get digging! Wit & Wisdom from the Garden brings gardening, canning and preserving into the sunshine with over 75 tips for a bountiful harvest! Find…

  • Complete Book of Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit


    The Complete Book of Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit is a comprehensive guide to selecting, cultivating, harvesting and cooking your own fresh produce at home. The coverage is phenomenal – from the care of asparagus through the seasons to the huge number of apples that can be grown in even the smallest spaces.

  • The Tropical Agriculturist – Poultry


    Poultry details the characteristics and requirements of this livestock group and how to raise and produce poultry in a variety of tropical zones and farming systems. Breeds and breeding, diseases and parasites, slaughtering, processing and marketing are all included in an easy-to-read text.

  • DIY Around the Home – Easy Projects for the weekend


    Author: Tom Williams Publisher: New Holland Year: 2011 Pages: 174 Printed: Australia ISBN: 9781742571645 Binding: Soft Cover Book Condition: New Weight: 800gr. Description from the publisher: Packed full of ideas, this is a practical, user-friendly guide to some of the most common DIY projects that will improve and enhance your home – inside and out….

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